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Leading attractions for the kids in Beijing!

Leading attractions for Kids in Beijing
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Beijing, the Chinese capital, has abundant sources of attraction for travelers and tourists visiting the city. Many people are seen to plan their vacations in China with the whole family including kids. When you have kids traveling with you, there is additional pressure of finding attractions in the place which kids are sure to enjoy along with adults. And believe it or not, Beijing has many such places where kids can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Infact adults will also love them.

Mentioned below find some leading attractions in Beijing, which kids are sure to love:

  • Beijing Zoo

Zoos always attract kids and adults alike. And Beijing Zoo has many interesting things that will fascinate tourists for sure. Situate towards the west of Beijing City, Beijing Zoo has rare species of Chinese animals including the Golden Monkey and the Giant Panda. Apart from these, there are wide varieties of animal species from across the world from kangaroos to polar bears. To be precise, there are almost 500 species of animals and birds in the zoo and their numbers reach to almost 6000.

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Originally in the Ming dynasty, this area was the imperial garden. During Qing dynasty, different kinds of animals and plants were raised here. After that this place was renovated and came to be known as the West Suburban Park. The name Beijing Zoo came into existence since 1955 with more numbers of animals being brought in. With an entry fee of RMB 15, the zoo remains open from 730hrs – 1800 hrs.

  • Sony ExploraScience

Sony ExploraScience is a highly interactive educational center in Beijing, which helps in promotion of science and technology and education among kids. The main theme of Sony ExploraScience is the amalgamation of science and technology and now it is implemented in general life. Sony’s latest digital technologies are integrated with San Francisco’s educational exhibits from Exploratorium. Attractions of science can be understood very well at the education center.

There are four sections in Sony ExploraScience – refraction/reflection, sounds, illusion and light/colors. Digital dream kids will have lifetime of an experience at this center while exploring the magic of science. Entry fee for kids to the center is RMB 20, while that of adults is RMB 30. Monday to Friday, the center remains open from 0930 hrs to 1800hrs, while on weekends it remains open from 0930hrs to 1930hrs.

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  • Beijing World Park

Beijing World Park is located in Fengtai District, which lies to the southwest of downtown Beijing. It is at a distance of almost 20 kilometers from the well known Tian’anmen. The Beijing World Park is considered as the largest of miniature theme parks in the whole of Asian continent. The greatest attractions in the park are 100 models of world famous structures on display. The structures are natural as well as artificial ones. On visiting the park, kids can have a glimpse of the internationally renowned structures all at one place, which is indeed an enriching experience.

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Beijing World Park opens at 0900hrs and closes at 1700hrs. The entry fee for the park varies for children and adults. For children, the fee is RMB24, while for adults, it is RMB 65.

  • Beijing Happy Valley

Popularly known as ‘Disney in Beijing’, the Chinese theme park is an integral part of the Happy Valley chain. The first Happy Valley Park is in Shenzhen, located in the Guangdong Province in south China. There is target of building two more Happy Valley theme parks in Chengdu and Shanghai. There are six theme parks in Beijing Happy Valley. They are Aegean Sea, Ant Kingdom, Firth Forest, Shangri-La, Atlantis and Lost Maya. All these parks have exclusive themes and are extremely interesting.

Apart from enjoying in these theme parks, kids also get to gain lots of knowledge about different things and places in the parks. The park remains open from 0900hrs to 1930hrs on weekdays and from 0830hrs to 1930hrs on weekends. The entrance fee to the Beijing Happy Valley is slightly more when compared to other kids’ attractions in the city. Kids under 1.2 meter height have free entry in the park, for normal kids – charge is RMB 80, for students – RMB 140 and for adults – RMB 160.

Apart from the mentioned names, other kids’ attractions in the Beijing City include Beijing China Science and Technology Museum, Beijing Aquarium, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park, Beijing Natural History Museum, Beijing China Aviation Museum, Le Cool Ice Skating and so on.

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