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Best Summer Destination in India to Keep You Cool!

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India has been the epicentre of oblivion for the travellers since time immemorial. The main attraction which keeps India omnipresent in the all-time best travel lists around the world is the fact that the variety it offers. It is probably the one country which can give you all types of landscapes you long for in a travel plan. India is a country which can offer you mountains, oceans, desert, metropolis, the weirdest of village and every other adventure you long for in matter of hours or even a few kilometres at times. The country has such variety that you are never short of quality destinations no matter which season you are travelling. The following discourse is about the summer destinations which find its place among the best in the world.

  1. Ladakh: – This cold desert is famous for the adventure it promotes. This was for long India’s best kept secret but with the advent of the tourism industry this secret has been turned into one of the lifetime experiences India can provide you with.
  2. Sikkim: – It might be a family trip, a honeymoon or an adventure ride, Sikkim is once more a place which is compatible with all you want to do during your long awaited trip. The beauty provided by the view of the Kanchenjunga adds on to anything you want to do during your trip.
  3. Koorg: – Moving away a bit from the Himalayas, Koorg, fondly named as the Scotland of India, is probably the most beautiful place in Karnataka. The well decorated beauty of the place will definitely make your trip adorable.
  4. Manali: – One of the most beautiful destinations of India, Manali, has been reputed as the best honeymoon spot in India. Here you will not only enjoy the weather but also the scenic beauty to the core.MANALI Best Summer Destination in India to Keep You Cool!
  5. Andaman & Nicobar Islands: – Moving towards the Indian Ocean, this set of islands can give you a feel of tropical environment. But the thing that you would definitely enjoy in this destination is the amazing variety of coral and marine life.
  6. Kashmir: – If you are in search for paradise on earth, Kashmir is the place you need to be in. famous for its sublime natural beauty, Kashmir represents the beauty of the Himalayas and it is the face of Indian tourism industry as well. An India tour without a Kashmir tour is incomplete.
  7. Goa: – Reputed for the presence of innumerable beaches, Goa, is definitely the favourite destination of most of the foreign travellers who visit India year after year. It is one of the oldest destinations in India but the popularity of the place has never come down. It has been consistently awesome.
  8. Ooty: – This south Indian destination is one of the country’s best and most travelled summer destinations. This place came into prominence when the British located in Madras started using it to avoid the scorching summer of Madras (Chennai now).OOTY 1024x768 Best Summer Destination in India to Keep You Cool!
  9. Darjeeling: – This destination is already reputed for its tea around the world. The Darjeeling tea is famous all around the world. But as a destination on the lap of Himalayas as well, this is again one of the most beautiful places India provides you with.
  10. Kerala: – Referred to as god’s own country, Kerala, is one of the favourites of the travellers across the world no matter which season you are travelling in. It has abundance of natural beauty scattered around like leaves of autumn. Don’t miss it out.

As such, if you are ready with your passport, don’t shy away from an opportunity to visit India simply because of the fact that the variety this country would provide you with will not be found anywhere across the world. One thing is for sure that in an India tour you might even get bored with the amount of natural beauty on display. India would definitely find its place high among all the travel destinations of the east.


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