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Planning the perfect spa getaway

Written by Emma Ward

Spa breaks remain perennially popular, especially amongst the more stressed out among us. Seizing the chance to relax while someone pampers us and indulges us in scented, sensory bliss is the perfect way to shake off the cares of everyday life. So, how can you get the most out of your summer spa break?


Plan ahead

Decide what you want to get out of your spa break in advance. Do you want an indulgent experience, or help kick-starting a rigorous health overhaul? Pre-book your treatments so you know you can get what you want on arrival. Pack lightly; your aim is to leave the trappings of normal life behind for a while. Spa locations usually provide you with toiletries etc., as well as cozy robes and slippers to wear around the spa.


Stay healthy

Drink lots of water before, during and after treatments to remain hydrated and alert. Many treatments and activities connected to spa breaks take place in raised temperatures and you must help your body adapt quickly to get the maximum value out of them. You may find some light stretches helpful before a massage, especially if you normally have a fairly sedentary lifestyle.


You are what you eat

Don’t eat too much – take the chance to have a really good detox of your system. Avoid eating rich foods at mealtimes, and aim to reduce or eliminate alcohol and foods such as dairy products, caffeine or red meats. Nibble on light snacks, such as a piece of fruit, if you feel peckish between meals or need to increase your blood sugar after a treatment.


Follow spa etiquette

Remember that you are not the only person there. This includes staff and fellow guests. Dress according to the spa’s guidelines and always shower before having a massage or touch-intense treatment. It’s simple, common courtesy. Show up on time to treatments and never leave dirty towels or robes lying around afterwards. Slow down and switch off your phone. Speaking too loudly or too often on it will annoy others and lessen your own pleasure.


Be comfortable

You don’t have to feel embarrassed or pressurised during a spa break. Always speak up if something is worrying you. You don’t have to get fully naked for a massage, for example, so undress according to your own comfort zones and speak out if a therapist is too rough, or not concentrating on the right areas. That being said, go along with as open a mind as you can, as you may discover fantastic new experiences that you wouldn’t have dreamed of trying otherwise.

pixel Planning the perfect spa getaway

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