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Will You Visit Sydney or The Outback of Australia?

Written by Emma Ward

Sydney is one of the top travel destinations in Australia and is popular for its pulsing nightlife, sunny beaches, and pleasant climate. If you have a holiday planned in the land Down Under, spending time in the harbour city is no doubt one of your priorities. Cosmopolitan Sydney has a lot to offer, and while you will certainly enjoy your visit here, you may also wish to clear time in your schedule in order to travel through Australia and into the Outback.

On the far western border of New South Wales is the old mining town of Broken Hill. Nestled in the Barrier Ranges, Broken Hill continues to be an active mining town. Tourists flock to the picturesque setting, where they can explore the city’s history through art galleries, historic walking trails, and stunning landscapes, such as the Mundi-Mundi plains. Broken Hill also has a lively after-dark scene, complete with clubs and fine dining establishments.

Also in the Outback of NSW is Silverton. Silverton may be best known for its role as a backdrop in films and television programs, but it was originally built as a pioneer mining town. Today, visitors can explore the history of the town through the Silverton School Museum, the Gaol Museum, and the Mad Max Museum, or they can get an entirely new perspective through a camel tour. Silverton is a tiny town, but accommodations range from cottages and hostels with all the amenities to campsites and caravan parks. A visit further north to the town White Cliffs is also a must.

Flinders Ranges is another favourite Outback holiday destination, thick with gnarly gum trees, red mountains, and native animals, such as kangaroos, wallabies, and emus. The ancient feels near in this bush region, where Dreamtime legends feel less like a myth and more like a possibility, and the red sands create a striking contrast against the vast blue skies. Lose yourself in an Aboriginal rock art tour, watch Lake Eyre fill with water, taste the wines of the region, and stay in an underground house in Coober Pedy.

Once you have arrived in Sydney, your holiday has only just begun. Begin planning your Australian Outback adventure today.The harbour city of Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From the stunning skyscrapers to the pristine beaches, Sydney is home to some of the most stunning natural landscapes and thriving populations in Australia. Her crowning jewel, however, is Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Harbour has more than 240 kilometres of shoreline filled with exclusive estates, reserves, gardens, and parks, including Sydney Harbour National Park, that only add to its natural beauty. The brilliant blue waters are busy with traffic from luxury liners, ferries, and water taxis on sunny days, while picnickers dot the beaches. Dinner cruises add romance to the harbour at night with the lively sounds of dancing and music. The CBD in the background provides a more well-rounded experience for any visitor and simply adds to the twinkling of the night sky.

Visitors can explore Sydney Harbour on foot, drive through, or take a sea plane or helicopter ride over Sydney’s most notable locations, like the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House, a World Heritage Site, defines the character of this spectacular harbour. Sydney Opera House is not just a performing arts centre but is also home to restaurants, bars, and even shops. It was designed by architect Jorn Utzon, and the awe-inspiring roofs are composed of more than a million tiles.

Like the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an integral part of the harbour’s skyline. Climbing the bridge provides an incomparable view of the harbour. The 200 stair Pylon Lookout is an easier climb, where visitors can learn more about the bridge’s history and admire the stained-glass memorial windows honouring the builders or study the view below. More intrepid climbers can take the three-and-a-half hour journey up the slope to the top of the bridge, where they will enjoy a breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour.

Is Sydney Harbour really the most beautiful harbour in the world? We think so, but don’t take our word for it: Come see for yourself!

pixel Will You Visit Sydney or The Outback of Australia?

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